Our goal is to create beautiful environments intrinsic to our clients’ sensibilities. Our job is to transform their vision into an uplifting and genuine experience. It is imperative that they are entirely connected to the end result.

At Lynne Bradley Interiors each of our residential and commercial projects are diversely unique yet bound by our design DNA which is informed by an innovative use of colour, texture and pattern and is synonymous with contemporary Australian luxury. A melding of historical reference points with eclectic influences is integral to the company’s maverick sense of sophistication and intrepid iconic style.

Creativity, flexibility and practicality are the driving principles that guide every Lynne Bradley Interiors venture. This has enabled multi-disciplinary partnerships with pedigreed brands including Royal Doulton through to set design and styling. Collaboration is also a cornerstone of our practice. A high level of personal consultation with our clients delivers design solutions that are always sympathetic to context, function and budget from project inception through to completion.

Lynne takes you somewhere unexpected but in a way that makes you feel like the destination was a place you were always meant to be. That can only come from truly understanding her client.
— Residential Client