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Lynne's Recommendations

Tequila Kola
1/F, Horizon Plaza
2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
2877 3295 | tequilakola.com


28/F, Horizon Plaza
2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
2870 1582/83 | tree.com.hk

26/F, Room 2604-2607, Horizon Plaza
2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau

26/F Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau
3904 3666 | zense.com.hk

Newington College
Stanmore NSW Australia
+612 9568 9337

Bowerbird Home
2/F, Unit 5, Oceanic Industrial Centre
2 Lee Lok Street, Ap Lei Chau
2552 2727 | bowerbird-home.com

10/F, Shop 1001-1002 , Horizon Plaza
2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
2941 0055 | francfranc.com.hk

Indigo Living
6/F, Horizon Plaza
2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
2555 0540 | indigo-living.com

20/F Room 2002-2007, Horizon Plaza
2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
2529 6020 | ovo.com.hk



ExpatLIVING Hong Kong
December 2013 - January 2014
Home & Property p50-55
Mid-Levels Makeover

Changing Rooms

By Claire Locking; photography by Helen Jenkins

With the help of a Sydney-based interior designer, this Mid-Levels apartment was transformed from a functional space into a welcoming family home in just a matter of days.

When JACQUI and STUART FULLER and their two daughters relocated from Sydney to Hong Kong with Stuart’s job as partner of law firm King & Wood Mallesons, they not only had to adjust to new schools, a new pace of life and the sadness of leaving their older children at Newington College and university in Sydney, but they also had the task of turning their first Hong Kong apartment into a home. Jacqui is first to admit that she is clueless when it comes to the intricacies of interior design, even more so in a city where she has never lived before. So she turned to trusted advisor, Sydney-based interior designer,
Lynne Bradley for help. Jacqui and Lynne had worked together on the couple’s family home on the lower North Shore and several rental properties back home.

Jacqui’s initial cry for help was answered not, as you would expect, with a few tips and advice sent via email, but with Lynne actually flying up from Australia on a four-day visit, during which time she scoured Hong Kong’s interior stores, before restyling and reorganising the family’s home, and turning it into the perfect sanctuary.

Lynne established her business in Sydney 10 years ago after discovering she had a talent for styling and design. In her early career she managed several world-renowned classical musicians and, as well as organising the day-to-day logistics of their busy lives and tour schedules, she also got involved in styling, choosing concert venues, programme design and even the musicians’ outfits. After having kids she put this experience and creativity to good use, retrained in interiors and is now one of Sydney’s leading residential designers.

Although Jacqui almost always loves all of Lynne’s ideas and embraces her suggestions, she and her husband also love to shop, so before Lynne had even touched down to start the makeover, they’d already bought the Chinese-style dining set from Oriental Home, the leather sofa from Indigo Living and the polished chrome sideboard from Bowerbird.
They also had a large collection of art including Chinese scroll paintings and some stunning Aboriginal pieces to incorporate into the scheme.

“In whatever home I’m working on, I always adapt what I am given,” says Lynne. “These new pieces were large blocks in the living room so my task here was to move the furniture around, fill in the gaps and soften what was initially quite a masculine room.”

The makeover began almost as soon as Lynne got off the plane at 6am one Monday morning. After a quick recce of the flat to get an idea of what should go where and where the gaps were, she was in Ap Lei Chau by 10am. The shopping excursion started at TREE and she worked her way down. With only four days to complete the makeover, she could only buy what was available on the shop floor for immediate delivery. “It was fairly restrictive but I was pleasantly surprised by how willing many people were to help,” says Lynne.

Living Room

The finished living room scheme is predominantly black and white but while some monochrome schemes are stark and minimalist, Lynne has managed to make this homely with the use of layered textures and softer touches.
The couple’s wing-back chairs have been updated with silk cushions from Indigo. The kilim-upholstered chair in the window is from Bowerbird. The rug is from Zense and the small pedestal table with inlaid top was found at Tequila Kola.
Linking the dining room and living room was essential, so Lynne added a full wall of glass-and-metal bookcases from IKEA. She then arranged the family’s extensive collection of books, making them a striking feature of the room.
The glass jars on the table were from Jacqui’s home in Sydney but Lynne updated them during her visit by adding single stems of white hydrangea, a design touch that Jacqui now copies regularly.


As the two older children are at boarding school and university,
she had to have a room that would convert into a space for their visits. The large desk is a family heirloom so it had to work within the scheme. Lynne chose to position it on the smallest wall, with IKEA shelves to add extra storage and interest.
She also added some drawers underneath for stationery. The sofa bed is from OVO, the turquoise cushions from Zense and the rug from IKEA. All the artwork was hung in a random fashion to add
interest to what could be a rather functional space. “IKEA is not the most glamorous place but for expats, who are never quite sure how long they are here for and don’t want to invest too much but still need to make themselves at home, it’s perfect,’ admits Lynne.

Master Bedroom

“My brief here was to create a really soft, lovely retreat. A more calming, feminine space where Jacqui and Stuart could relax,” explains Lynne.
Jacqui had already bought the blush-coloured bedlinen in Australia so Lynne worked with that and added neutrals and greens to the scheme. The wedding cabinet was from Bowerbird, who helpfully agreed to convert it to a TV cabinet in just one day. The carpet is from Carpet Buyer in Ap Lei Chau and other accessories were sourced at Bowerbird. “Philippa truly was a lifesaver,” admits Lynne. “She had so many things on the shop floor available for immediate delivery which was fantastic.”

Twin Bedroom

Lynne turned this very small space into a striking and contemporary room by choosing a colour scheme of navy, white and lime green. The Sheridan linen was bought in Australia and then updated with the green cushions and striped dhurrie rug from Bowerbird. The fun circular cushions were a find at Francfranc’s outlet store in Ap Lei Chau.

Lynne prides herself on being able to quickly absorb someone’s situation and, having lived abroad herself, she was able to empathise with the changes the family were going through. “I am very happy with the end result. It was a dramatic makeover but what was really lovely was that I felt like I’d taken the emotion out of the process for this family and turned the flat in which they were just surviving into a home where they were surrounded by all the things they loved. I feel like I’ve given them their lifestyle back.”