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Lynne Bradley Interiors featured in Sunday Life

Decked Out

This luxurious, three-level family home has commanding water views and is perfect for entertaining and a holiday lifestyle all year round.

Words and styling: Louise Owens. 
Photography: Simon Kenny/Content Agency.


Nestled among the trees overlooking the calm waters of Sydney's Pittwater, this charming 1960s timber-clad house has been home to a busy family of five for two years. Living areas and the master bedroom are on the entry level and take full advantage of the expansive water views.


The owners involved interior designer Lynne Bradley to pull together the style of the house: a family-friendly, comfortable space with a leisurely feel and an understated design. As cooking is a passion in this home, an alcove dining area was created by wrapping a banquette around a Mark Tuckey table.


"The main living room is our favourite space for reading and chatting," says the owner. "It spills onto the large verandah, which can fit 20 or so people for lunch. The view changes throughout the day and there is plenty of room to move about to take in the sun. We chose to keep the TV away from this room to keep the focus on family and friends."


"Avalon and Clareville are certainly not secret destinations, but the village atmosphere is charming," says the owner.


Having only been here for two years, this family agree that they are a long way from moving on. "We look forward to enjoying our time together here for many years to come.


"Choose floor plans for each space to maximise the views and facilitate conversation areas."

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