Inspired use of cobalt blue and toilet seats in office reno!

Featured on Interiors Addict (article by Jen Bishop)

When Sydney reno specialists Integriti Bathrooms (they did my bathroom recently) moved into new offices in Willoughby, they had great 1920s bones but were in a shocking state of repair. Enter interior designer Lynne Bradley, who helped bring the design-loving boss’s vision to life.


“It was near to derelict when they took over the lease so it was a huge effort to evolve it into the light, airy and functional space that it is today,” she says. “When I first viewed the office, the team at Integriti had already taken care of most of the structural details, so I had the pleasure of coming up with functionality and of course, the aesthetics. I felt that it was paramount that from the front door to the top floor, the brand was loud and clear, communicating who they were to customers and suppliers.”


She quickly decided to make a feature of the the cobalt blue from the company logo as a signature colour that would unify each space in varying ways and add energy. “In addition to this, adding texture was extremely important. Rather than hanging a sign in the entrance, I was keen to play on inference by suggesting a collage of toilet seats, of course with the signature blue as a teaser. It’s a fun talking point, with no doubt as to the nature of the business.” She’s even recommended that this feature wall be changed seasonally, from toilet seats to taps to tiles to basins!

Integriti Bathrooms managing director Andrew Stenos, admits: “When Lynne approached me with her ideas, I initially thought the bright blue would be way too bold and the toilet seats, just bad taste. Through some convincing and time to think, I was converted, but I can’t lie, even during the process I questioned it for a moment. Once it was all brought together and styled, I fell in love.”


Moving from the entrance to the top floor, we just love how the staircase has been punctuated with one blue post which sits comfortably amongst a black and white palette. “By adding a charcoal dado line on one wall on the top floor hallway, a sense of flow between each room is created,” explains Lynne. “The client meeting room was in great need of storage, so I looked to the existing architectural features of the building to create patterned and textured cabinetry. The recessed panels on the cupboard doors give interest and depth to this small room and the soft grey colour and bespoke brass hardware (from Made Measure) add a touch of glamour.” Rather than including the signature blue through paint here, Lynne instead ordered a stunning coloured cow hide (from Art Hide) to soften the room and inject much needed energy, trimmed to fit perfectly.

It was really important to Andrew to get this workspace right. “My vision was for a light-filled, designer look; bright, welcoming and a place where a team would be happy to work and feel like they’re at home. Some of my inspiration was drawn from beautiful spots I’ve been to in Sydney and seen in design mags, with a special reference to P.Johnson Tailors’ Paddington showroom. We’ve renovated some of their spaces and I was in complete love with the design and interior style of their shops.

The perfect place for staff to relax

The perfect place for staff to relax

“As we didn’t have a huge budget, we decided to keep the scheme simple, black and white. The black windows and whitewashed floors were expensive but so worth it. This left us with a good canvas to start with but it lacked life and felt a little sterile. We wanted it to feel clean, sleek, vibrant and young, as our culture is very much driven by being extremely understanding and cool guys. I wanted it to be the furthest thing from a normal, boring office and wanted our team to not like where they work but absolutely love it!”

A custom coloured glass ‘white board’

A custom coloured glass ‘white board’

In the staff boardroom, the cobalt blue was injected through a custom coloured glass ‘white board’. “Creating a flat lay through the centre of the boardroom table added much needed visual stimulation and texture that can be changed depending on products and samples that need to be discussed,” says Lynne.


The open plan office area features a classic fireplace that has gone from bland to high impact through the introduction of beautiful ceramic tiles (Di Lorenzo), blue paint, mirrors and much needed styling. “This is now the centrepiece for this space and is another talking point for visitors to the office.”

Lastly, the team wanted a ‘fall out’ area to relax and meet in. The generous proportions of the comfortable sofa, patterned rug (west elm), coffee tables, cocktail equipment, replica Castiglioni Arco lamp and artworks (also by Lynne!) complete the room.

“Never be afraid of using bold colour and creating humour,” Lynne says. “Also, reference the architectural features of your space to create unity. I believe that a building asks for its response!”

Andrew added: “As we are a boutique bathroom builder, it was so important for us to be able to separate ourselves and make us look unique and individual. As we value design so highly, it was a must that design was the focus and that is why we employed Lynne. Her time was a great investment and I truly think we have the best office of any bathroom builder in Sydney.”

We think he might just be right.