Interiors Addict: Experts share interior trend predictions for 2019

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We all want to know what’s going to be on trend in homewares over the next 12 months so I spoke to a retail store owner, an interior designer and an interior decorator for their predictions.

Sydney interior designer Lynnne Bradley, of Lynne Bradley Interiors, is also recently back from Europe, where she saw rounded and irregular shapes popular in furniture, a revived popularity of brown furniture and antique pieces, and plenty of colour. “Coloured patterned textiles mixed in with coloured plains create energised soft furnishing schemes. Colours such as terracotta, coral and yellow offer a refreshing way to punctuate navy blue, pinks, greens and crisp whites.”

She has some tips on how to incorporate these new trends into our homes. “Think of seasonal styling such as using linen cushions and bed linen in the summer and rich velvets and weaves for the winter.

“Rugs are available in all shapes, sizes and prices and should be used to create comfort, layering and visual impact in a room. Placed under beds, positioning two contrasting designs side by side in a living area or installing a polypropylene outdoor rug is transformative. Don’t forget the power of the mirror and think brass framed and oval or an obscure shape.”


Project by Lynne Bradley Interiors, photo by Craig Wall