Photography by Craig Wall

Milson’s Point

This generously proportioned, light filled apartment boasts panoramic views of Sydney Harbour. Understated yet sophisticated, its modern lines with echoes of the 1930’s add a contemporary dimension that is both spacious and elegant. Befitting the client brief, the comfortable and sumptuously appointed spaces flow fluidly.

An array of neutrally toned hard surfaces in subtle shades and the employment of emerald green highlights in the lounge area (via velveteen cushions and a patterned rug) and master bedroom (via feature walls and decorative bedheads) add a jewel to its crown. Together with the introduction of charcoal grey carpet in the private domains including the study, they steer it away from the monotony of an all white box the clients inherited when they purchased it.

It lightly whispers luxury thanks to the incorporation of polished stone floors, light, diaphanous curtains and a veined marble kitchen. The curved windows in the living spaces inspired the shapes created in the kitchen, study, and media joinery and reference was made to the local area through the use of sandstone wallpaper to create textural depth.

“Lynne was very easy to work with. She explained her vision, consulted us with every detail and dealt with any problems on a day to day basis. The end result is a beautiful home wrapped around harbour views."  – Owner