Photography by Anson Smart

Studio 105

Having rebranded the practice’s identity collateral including the launch of a new website, it was time for Lynne Bradley Interiors’ office to follow suit.

The transformation of a corner room (just 18 square metres) on the upper level of a converted Victorian commercial building into a gilded urban oasis demonstrates the studio’s holistic and original approach to integrating its tonal assets and expanding boundaries both physically and emotively.

Signature merlot shades and decadent forest greens abound within the theatrical forested setting. Tropical wallpaper immerses visiting clients into the depths of their imagination. Centre stage, an elliptical white marble table lithely balances the tonal saturation and orthogonal geometries of the space – the pensive thought cloud where conversations and presentations are conducted. Support acts including artisanal furniture, quirky objets d’art and original artworks. The room’s streamlined Baroque grandeur introduces a unique elegance and modernity, demonstrating the practice’s uninhibited aesthetic of mixing intense colours, discordant textures and patterns into visually enticing arrangements.

Taut imperial swirls underfoot gently expand the rectangular room, whilst the vertical energies of the tapered black steel display shelving and fluted built-in work stations draw the eye upward. Lining the far wall, they support collaborative work whilst enabling a degree of privacy. Files and other resources are concealed, though at arms reach.