Turramurra House

Mood indigo is the sentiment of this renovated master bedroom suite and adjoining retreat where pattern reigns supreme in a symphony of blue. Having previously worked with the clients on other areas of the house, it was keenly established that they wanted to achieve spaces that had more to do with an ambience rather than subscribing to styles or trends where symmetry and order is paramount, yet fluidly expressed.

The floorplan is divided into two zones: one for the bed area and one for relaxation and television viewing. A deep blue oceanic intensity saturates feature walls, whilst ripple-printed wallpaper and an Ikat rug in the bedroom provide calming respite. The result is a balanced interplay between texture and pattern. A pastiche of shapes find their way onto the floor carpets, the wallpaper and softly upholstered furnishings, whilst feature lamps add glowing accents.

“Lynne’s ability is to take you somewhere unexpected but in a way that makes you feel like the destination was a place you were always meant to be. That can only come from truly understanding her client.” – Owner