Strong design processes, technical excellence and professional teamwork drive the studio’s distinctive alchemy.

All Lynne Bradley Interiors projects are deeply grounded in an understanding of the user’s experience so our environments continue to be responsive and relevant over time. Principal, Lynne Bradley, collaborates with an elite network of architects, artisans, tradespeople and suppliers to provide a full service, ensuring that every aspect of a project is professionally managed and executed.

Lynne believes that the best design is the result of problem solving. Rethinking room utilisation and spatial flow are her particular areas of technical expertise. Her instinctive eye for colour and ‘golden touch’ regarding her innate talent for layering diverse materials with unexpected elements seamlessly guarantees the metamorphic evolution of every space she creates.

From planning through to project management and final decorative touches, Lynne involves clients in an immersive journey. She encourages and supports ongoing feedback to ensure all completed projects not only meet, but exceed expectations.

We possess an extensive directory of exceptional suppliers and negotiate assertively with our preferred service providers on behalf of our clients, skillfully project-manage multiple suppliers and contractors, maintain close communication with all stakeholders, and supply a flexible and scalable workforce to ensure deadlines are met with utmost vigilance and expertise.


As a builder it isn’t often that you are able to find a true partner on a project. Working with Lynne Bradley Design has been an enjoyable experience. Lynne makes significant effort to understand project objectives and is always available to work through and solve challenges. Lynne is client centric, solution-oriented and pragmatic in her approach, she works tirelessly to bring client’s vision to reality. Her creative flare and style will exceed your expectations while managing projects from start to finish.
— Salvatore D’Albora

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Our Interior Design services include:

  • Working with architects to create innovative and practical concept designs for internal spaces

  • Collaborating with architects and clients to redesign interior spaces to meet desired needs (rethinking heritage interiors through to modern additions)

  • Designing kitchens and bathrooms through to bespoke joinery

  • Appointing finishes, fixtures and materials

Our Interior Decoration services include:

  • Acquiring furniture, lighting, rugs, art and accessories

  • Designing window and door finishes

  • Custom designing upholstery, rugs and cushions

  • Installing and arranging furniture, objects, furnishings and artworks (newly acquired and existing)